Our structural glass floor panel assemblies are all custom designed and manufactured. The assembly shall consist of glass floor panels installed on steel framing and sealed with structural silicone. A basic configuration consists of structural glass panels supported on all four sides by an open, L angled steel grid system.


Toughened glass, Laminated with a clear, approx. 1.5mm PVB Film interlayer to another layer of Toughened glass (all edges polished). The thickness of the Glass will be determined by the area to be covered and specification required.


The framework will vary depending on the glass panels to be supported and the surroundings they will be fitted into. A standard frame could consist of 50 x 50 x 6mm thick steel L angles which can be in a stainless steel, powder coated or a spray painted finish. Alternative framework can be supplied and fitted where required, as determined by a structural engineer to meet performance requirements.

















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All glazing accessories used are as required for complete, functional, weathertight installations.

In order to ensure the panel is adequately sealed, a high performance, neutral cure, contact structural silicone sealant designed for glazing will be applied to the void between glass panel and surrounding framework.


Before leaving our premises and again when arriving at the property, all glass and frames will be checked for any damage, imperfections or faults. If opting for our installation service, prior to fitting the glass panels on site, our glaziers will verify that support framing and substrates are ready to receive the glass flooring.


If you have chosen our survey, supply & fit service, our glaziers will conduct a site survey to view the area to be filled, take accurate measurements, show colour charts for the frame and any relevant glass samples if applicable. You will be able to discuss the process with our staff, in person. In order for the glaziers to be able to complete the survey, the surrounds will need to be finished so that they can take exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit. There should be four solid surrounds, such as joists or brickwork etc in place.

Once we have accurate measurements and all information required, we will be able to start production. Please contact us for the lead time of your order.           

When all items on your order have been manufactured, and your installation appointment has been arranged, our glaziers will return to site to fit these. The steel frame will be fitted first, flush, level, and free of warp or twist. This is usually screwed directly to the existing surrounds. If there is a large area being covered and there are more than one panels of glass to be fitted, then structural supports may be required, but this will be confirmed before production commences. Once all steel is in place, a supporting rubber will be placed along the frame. The glass will then be set into position. This will then be cleaned and a structural silicone sealant will be applied to the space between glass perimeter and frame.


Once all sealants have fully cured, you may clean all glazing areas to remove oil, dust, grease, water, surface dirt, contaminants, and other foreign matter.  Care should be taken when cleaning the surface of the glass and only soft cloths or blue roll should be used, along with a suitable, approved cleaning substance, especially in cases where the glass has been sandblasted.

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