users_commentsWhat type of Shopfronts do you provide?
We can supply a shopfront to meet with your needs, according on what your specifications are and what you are trying to achieve. We are able to provide a variety of options such as ‘frameless glass’ or powder coated aluminium. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What type of Glass do you use?
This will depend on a number of factors, such as what system you are using, what you currently have in situ and the size of the area to be covered. We can use toughened glass, laminated glass or double glazed units.

What type of doors do you use?
This will depend on what you wish to include. We can use glass ‘AP’ doors, standard aluminium framed doors, Bi-Folding doors or sliding doors should you require these and have the facility to incorporate them.

Can I have a design on my Shopfront?
Yes, we can supply sandblasted glass in a design of your choice or stick on graphics.

I have a damaged shopfront, do I have to replace everything?
This will depend on the damage. If you just have a broken glass window or door, then usually we can just replace the individual panels of glass. A site survey would need to be completed to evaluate the situation, but we will always try to offer the cheapest solution whenever possible.

I can only replace my shopfront when I am closed. Do you work out of hours?
We usually offer appointments from 8.00 – 4.00pm mon – fri. However we understand the importance of health & safety and keeping your business running smoothly, so we can work out of hours when required. Please inform us of this when discussing your requirements.