users_commentsDo glass shower enclosures leak?
Although not all glass shower enclosures are always 100% watertight due to their design, there are transparent sealant strips available which we can apply to anywhere there is to be a gap. These sealants will prevent the majority of water from escaping. Any remaining water seeping is usually very minimal and similar to the amount of water you would expect to drip off a shower door when it’s opened after you have had a shower.

Can a glass shower enclosure be any shape or size?
As all of our products are bespoke, where possible, we will always produce the glass to your requirements. If you need a shaped panel to follow a slanted ceiling for example, this can easily be templated by one of our experienced glazing team. In terms of dimensions, there are maximum lengths that can be achieved due to toughening, transportation and access restrictions, but we can always divide the area into multiple panels to ensure that your needs are met.

Do I need toughened glass?
Although there are a variety of different types of safety glass, toughened glass is the what must be used for an installation of this purpose as it is much more durable than ordinary ‘float’ glass and if it were to ever break, it would not have sharp shards.

What thickness of glass is required?
The glass must be toughened for strength and safety reasons but you must also always opt for an absolute minimum of 8mm thick as this will aid durability and stability. Every enclosure will be accessed individually, so the  thickness of glass will depend on a number of factors, such as size, personal preference, budget and hardware required.

Do I have to opt for Ordinary Clear Glass?
No, there are a number of alternatives to clear ‘float’ glass. You can choose to implement a Low Iron Glass otherwise known as ‘Crystal Clear’ or ‘Optiwhite’ which contains significantly less iron levels than float glass, meaning that the glass will not have the greenish tint of float and will appear even clearer. Alternatively you could opt for a glass such as ‘tinted grey’ to stand out from the crowd!

Can I have obscured glass?
Yes, you can have a toughened glass which is then sandblasted on one side to create a semi – opaque ‘frosted’ effect. This then has a Ritec coating applied to help maintain the finish and aid with cleaning.

Do we need a site survey?
No, we are happy to produce glass as per our clients specifications, but we cannot be responsible for any glass which does not fit if our staff have not surveyed this. As glass needs to be measured to the millimetre and you need to be aware of processing tolerances, add – ons and knock – offs, unless you have a glazing background, we would always recommend opting for our full survey, supply & fit service. That way all the hassle and worry is taken out of your hands.

What would happens during a survey appointment?
Our skilled glaziers would attend site to take accurate measurements down to the millimetre. During this appointment they can also check that the fixings and design you wish to implement will work effectively. They can then advise you of any adjustments that may be necessary for technical reasons.

Do I need to have my Bathroom completed before you survey?
You do not need to have every finishing touch completed, but all the fixtures and fittings relating to the Shower Enclosure will need to be in place as we measure to the millimetre. The shower tray or wet floor area and wall coverings must all be in place.

Can I have a ‘frameless’ Glass effect?
You can have the glass for a screen fitted into a channel which can be buried into the ground and hidden. Please note that you would need to ensure that the site was prepared before we install and there is a sufficient groove within the floor or ceiling to accommodate the channel. Feel free to discuss this with one of our team before you start work.

Does the Glass hardware come in different finishes and designs?
There is such a huge range of glass hardware available on the market now that you should easily find something to match your design, personal taste and budget. There are traditional to contemporary, affordable to luxury, matt to polished, knobs to handles etc so you are sure to be able to find the hardware to suit your needs.

Can I supply my own Hardware?
Yes you can, but you would need to have these to show our glaziers during your survey appointment so that they can take a note of their dimensions before any glass production is started.